Year of the house plant

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House plants are BIG this year. If you don’t have one, now is the time to get one. We have a fabulous range of faux house plants  which need very little maintenance (just a quick flick with a duster!) and look gorgeous all year round.  

House plants look even better when in a stylish plant pot. We have so many nice ones to choose from and most are suitable for outdoor use too! So with the glorious sunshine were having there's never been a better time to get out in the garden and freshen things up a bit!


Here’s a list of our favourites...

Faux green kentia palm tree in a black plastic pot


Kentia Palm Tree £182.00

We love the Kentia palm tree, its handcrafted and each leaf is painted by hand too. It looks so luscious and fresh and will add a real statement to any room. As its a large piece too it will add an instant update if you feel your home décor could do with a little refresh. We think this looks best in a pot whether a stone or wooden one. 


Faux green fern in a moss ball

 Fern In Soil £19.50

A lovey little fern set in a moss ball so it looks even more realistic! Each leaf is wired so you can shape this plant whichever way you like. This fern looks fabulous in a glass pot or in a lovely ceramic pot as well. A great little gift for someone or the perfect size for somewhere like a kitchen window sill. 


Faux Red Lotus Pick

Lotus Pick £9.99

A great little stem to place in a small vase to add a quick little home décor update. If you have a tropical vibe going at home you could also cut the stem from the flower head and place them in a bowl for an oriental look.


 Faux Green Cycus Palm Stem


 Cycus Palm Stem £6.99

If your short on space our Cycus palm stem can simply be added to a vase as they look fantastic on their own and will add a tropical look to your home. Or you could use the stem as foliage in a tropical floral arrangement. 


Terracotta plant pot with white leaves pattern

Leaves Planter From £7.50

 A fab little plant pot made from terracotta so it's suitable for outdoor use. Tropical prints are huge this season and we love the botanical leaf pattern on this planter. You could use our leaves planter for faux plants or pop a real one in, they will look amazing in the garden.


White terracotta plant pot with a white glaze and a bobbly surface.

Medium Fenella Planter £22.50

Our Fenella planters suit cacti and succulents perfectly. We love the contrast of the green and white. These plant pots are very tactile with their bobbly surface. Each one is handmade from terracotta and so is suitable for outdoor use too. With a neutral colour palette they will fit in anywhere.


Glass plant pot with an alabaster look 

Alabaster Plant Pot From 16.99

Our Alabaster plant pot is a little bit deceiving. It' not made from alabaster but in fact glass, it just has an alabaster look. We love the pattern and the colours and it can be used for both fresh and faux florals. 




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